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GCode combines a variety of health and wellness ingredients for its all-new Life

gcode nutrition life

GCode Nutrition has completely unveiled its second new supplement to close out the year, which, along with Vice X, is said to push the growing brand in a whole new direction. GCode’s other product is called Life, and as we suspected when the brand said it features collagen and spice extracts, GCode Life is indeed a comprehensive health and wellness supplement.

While the collagen and spice extracts were the first details GCode Nutrition shared for Life; they aren’t necessarily the most important. The product is primarily a superfood formula, packed full of fruits and greens as well as collagen and spice extracts. As mentioned, it is a well-rounded health and wellness supplement mostly aimed at filling the gaps in your diet.

gcode nutrition life

Each serving of GCode Nutrition’s Life has a 250mg blend of various spices, a combined 3.5g of three separate greens, a fruits and roots complex, a reasonable 5g of hydrolyzed collagen peptides, and lastly, 100mg of the premium Spectra fruits and greens blend. It is indeed a comprehensive, all-around product to support digestion, wellbeing, immunity, metabolism, joint health, and hair, skin, and nails thanks to the collagen.

GCode Nutrition has priced its all-new and seventh overall supplement at $49.95, directly through its online store. You get the usual 30 servings per tub, and it comes with free shipping as the brand’s minimum to qualify is below Life’s price at $30. The product is flavored and makes the bold promise of being the best tasting greens in a flavor called Green Apple Goodness.