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Legion’s 12 Days Of Christmas sale discounts its latest flavor of Pulse

legion bubble gum pulse

Like a few other supplement companies, Legion is doing a 12 Days Of Christmas promotion, where it is treating fans and followers to strong deals and discounts each day in the lead up to the main event. The brand kicked off the campaign with a reasonable 20% discount on its stimulant-powered fat burner Pheonix, with the second day bringing the same sort of offer on its pre-workout.

Today, Legion is doing 20% off its pre-workout Pulse, although the discount is only available on one specific flavor. That flavor is actually an entirely new option for the supplement in Bubble Gum, which is the 16th flavor of Pulse overall if you count its caffeine-free menu. The sale drops the product down from $39.99 to $31.99 and is for today only, with tomorrow bringing a different discount.