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Morphobolic relaunches with ajuga extract in place of arachidonic acid

morphogen nutrition morphobolic

Morphogen Nutrition has had quite the year despite everything that’s gone on, releasing entirely new supplements and flavors consistently throughout 2020. There hasn’t been a month without some sort of excitement from the brand, and December is no different, with Morphogen relaunching its muscle-building product Morphobolic.

The original Morphobolic brought together three main ingredients to potentially increase and enhance muscle strength and size, support body composition, reduce cortisol, and more. Those three ingredients were rosemary extract at 1.8g per serving, 100mg of Laxosterone branded laxogenin, and lastly, a full 1.5g of arachidonic acid.

For the new version of Morphobolic, Morphogen Nutrition has slightly tweaked its formula, although it still aims to provide the same muscle-building benefits. The supplement carries over the rosemary extract and Laxosterone at the same amounts but swaps arachidonic acid for an ingredient we’ve only seen in a couple of other products with ajuga extract at 2g per serving.

If you head to Morphogen Nutrition’s online store, you can purchase its refreshed Morphobolic for the same price as its predecessor, as well as the same price as almost all of its other supplements, at $48 a bottle. Each bottle comes with the usual amount of 30 servings, so it’ll get you through a full month.