Collagen-based mousse and jelly first to launch under ATP’s Noway Treats line

Dec 16th, 2020
noway collagen protein mousse

While ATP Science has put a lot of hype and excitement behind its upcoming, high-protein, collagen-based ice cream, Noway Collagen Frozen Dessert, that’s not its first launch under its Noway Treat line. The Australian brand has actually gone ahead and surprised fans by revealing and releasing Noway Collagen Protein Mousse and Collagen Protein Jelly.

Both of ATP Science’s new Noway Treat products are exactly what they sound like, although unlike the ice cream, they come in packets of powder for you to make yourself. They’re both incredibly easy to put together by mixing the powders with milk or water for the mousse and hot water for the jelly. You then shake, blend, or stir, and leave in the refrigerator to set.

noway collagen protein jelly

ATP Science’s Noway Collagen Protein Mousse and Collagen Protein Jelly indeed, don’t take much effort to make, and the result is a lean, high-protein, dessert-style treat. The macros on a serving of the mousse include 16.5 to 17g of protein, depending on the flavor, zero to half a gram of fat, 1.5 to 1.7g of carbohydrates with almost no sugar, and 75 to 83 calories.

As for the Noway Collagen Protein Jelly’s nutrition profile, that is even lighter, and it doesn’t change between flavors with 15.2g of protein, half a gram of carbohydrates, 100mg of sugar, zero fat, and 64 calories. The flavors you have to choose from for the delicious-looking Noway Treats are Chocolate and Banana for the mousse and Lime, Tutti Fruity, and Raspberry for the jelly.

ATP Science has launched both its Noway Collagen Protein Mousse and Collagen Protein Jelly exclusively through its Australian online store where the mousse is $39.95 for a box of 20 servings, and the jelly is $29.95 but for only ten sachets with all three flavors in each box.