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ATP reveals the lean nutrition profile for its collagen-based ice cream

atp science noway ice cream macros

Australian brand ATP Science recently revealed its plan to launch high-protein, collagen-based Noway ice cream early next year, with a delicious-looking selection of flavors. The tasty creations the brand has coming are Minty Choc Cookie, Mango, Salty Chunky Caramel, Choc Peanut Butter Crunch, and the all-out chocolate creation, Double Choc.

The upcoming ATP Science Noway collagen frozen dessert is going to include some traditional ice cream features such as chocolate mousse, caramel chunks, chocolate flakes, and many others. To continue the product’s excitement as we close in on the new year, the brand has shared the complete nutrition profile for the promising functional product.

Previously all we knew about the Noway collagen frozen dessert was its protein, sugar, and calories. We can now confirm the rest of the macros with the Choc Peanut Butter Crunch per 100g serving, packing 14g of protein, 9.8g of fiber, only 4.7g of fat, a slightly lower 4.6g of sugar, and 136 calories, with each tub having a strong 500ml of collagen-based ice cream.

Once again, ATP Science is planning to release its great-looking Noway collagen frozen dessert in the new year. Keep in mind the brand is Australian, so it’ll be available to fans in its home country to start, although ATP has expanded its presence in the US quite well recently, so don’t rule out the product coming stateside.