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O15 Nutrition drops its stim-free Expansion for pumps and performance

o15 nutrition expansion

Brandon Curry’s brand O15 Nutrition has launched its first real supplement this week, and while it did recently reveal the full formula behind its stimulant pre-workout Exalt, that’s not the one that’s dropped. O15 Nutrition has gone ahead and released its other pre-workout Expansion, which separates itself from Exalt by being stimulant-free and more about enhancing muscle pumps and performance.

O15 Nutrition’s Expansion is available now from its retail partner Tiger Fitness, where it usually costs $34.99. The store is, however, running a sale in celebration of the Mr. Olympia contest, where Brandon Curry is set to defend his title. The sale involves 15% off everything available at Tiger Fitness, dropping a full-size, 20 serving tub of Expansion down to $29.74 in your choice of Lemonade or Bubblegum flavors.

We do like the formula O15 Nutrition has packed into its stimulant-free pre-workout slightly more than Exalt, with a handful of reliable compounds at good dosages. Each serving includes a solid 6g of pure citrulline, 1.5g of betaine, 125mg of norvaline, and 2g of HydroMax for pumps. There are also electrolytes for hydration, ascorbic acid, and a full 2g of the PeakO2 to support performance and endurance.

As mentioned, O15 Nutrition Expansion is stimulant-free and can be used in combination with Exalt when it eventually becomes available. There is some crossover with the HydroMax and betaine, giving you 4g and 3g, respectively, when stacked. Once again, you can grab the first sports supplement from Brandon Curry and O15 Nutrition from its retail partner Tiger Fitness discounted to $29.74 a tub.