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Unique Coconut Caramel Cookie flavor arriving in January for Primeval Whey

primeval labs coconut caramel cookie whey

Primeval Labs has announced a tasty new flavor for its more mainstream, whey concentrate-based, cost-effective protein powder Primeval Whey. The supplement originally hit the market in three flavors with Chocolate Milk, Diner Vanilla, and Cookies ‘N Cream. Since that debut, it has had two more tastes come to its menu in Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie and Fruity Cereal.

The next addition to Primeval Labs Whey lineup is arguably one of its most creative and unique flavor options to date with Coconut Caramel Cookie. The intriguing combination of tastes sounds like quite the experience, especially since coconut flavors are few and far between in protein powder. The brand is planning to launch the product in the first month of the new year.