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Jym Army taking on newcomer Arms Race in the Protein Wars grand final

protein wars grand final

We are in the final week of our annual Protein Wars protein powder showdown, and as with every other year, there are just two supplements left standing. The semifinalists Pro Jym versus Flow Protein Plus and Optimum Gold Standard against Arms Race’s Foundation were surprisingly back and forth, with brands losing then gaining back the lead.

After last week’s battle, the two protein powders that have come out on top are Jim Stoppani’s Pro Jym, beating out newcomer Flow and Protein Plus, and Arms Race Nutrition with the upset against legacy brand Optimum Nutrition. It is going to be a heated grand final with the loyal Jym Army taking on Arms Race, which only hit the market last year.

As with other rounds, you can vote just once over at, and after it’s submitted, you will need to verify that vote via email. The final round of the 2020 Protein Wars comes to a close at midnight this Sunday, and once again, we thank everyone who votes for taking the time and making the effort.