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Four potential flavor profiles confirmed for the next RAZE Energy drink

raze energy number 11 flavor profile post

REPP Sports recently kicked off another crowd-sourced campaign for its popular, high-energy, and tasty RAZE Energy drink, where it gets fans involved in the creation and launch process. After getting well over its goal of 5,000 likes, the brand has shared four different flavor profiles, one of which belongs to the exciting new option for RAZE Energy.

The flavor profiles are Tropical, Berry, Candy, and Tart, with our favorite being Tropical, as it’s the least like any of the other tasty options on the beverage’s menu. REPP Sports and RAZE Energy are also asking help from fans on this one, where if its latest flavor teaser gets reposted on Instagram over 500 times with #raze21launch, it’ll confirm the profile.

To be clear, this is a bit different from past RAZE Energy crowd-sourced campaigns, as the flavor profile of the new product has been decided, but it’s the effort from the fans that’ll make the brand reveal it. To get in on the fun, head to the RAZE Energy Instagram page and repost, and be sure to let the brand know which of the four profiles you’d like it to be.