Chocolate and mint come together for the 7th flavor of Adrenal Switch

Dec 12th, 2020
switch nutrition choc mint adrenal switch

Adrenal Switch is a relaxation supplement from the Australian brand Switch Nutrition, which is great for winding down in the evening or before bed. It is the first relaxation product we had ever tried that wasn’t specifically designed to help you get to sleep. Another fun feature of Adrenal Switch is that it comes in flavored powder, with all of the flavors we’ve tried tasting on point.

This weekend, Switch Nutrition is adding another option to the menu of Adrenal Switch, one that fans have apparently been asking for and is sort of a spin on one of its original flavors. The new addition to the relaxation supplement is the classic combination of chocolate and mint. Adrenal Switch already comes in Chocolate, and it is delicious, so we imagine this one will be just as good.

Once again, Switch Nutrition is releasing its Choc Mint Adrenal Switch this weekend, through its online store in its standard 30 serving tub size, which has a regular direct price of $59.95 (45.16 USD).