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Kiwi Strawberry G Fuel becomes Ugly Sweater for Christmas

ugly sweater g fuel

G Fuel has squeezed in another special edition rebrand, which is something it only started doing in the past few months. It is where the gaming supplement brand takes a previously released flavor and gives it a fresh new name and look for a limited time. G Fuel first did it with Grape into ‘People Like Grapes‘, then twice for Halloween, and most recently, it turned Fruit Punch into Cyber Punch for Cyber Monday.

To close out the long year that has been 2020, G Fuel has taken its original Kiwi Strawberry flavor and transformed it into an Ugly Sweater G Fuel, complete with an ugly sweater-style label design. As mentioned, G Fuel’s Kiwi Strawberry is only going to be available as Ugly Sweater for a limited time. It is now in stock in the brand’s official online store at for its usual price for a 40 serving tub at $35.99.

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