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Another protein and amino coming soon from the new Unbreakable Performance

unbreakable performance whey protein

Earlier in the week, we introduced the all-new collaboration brand Unbreakable Performance from Jay Glazer and the major supplement retailer GNC. In that post, we mentioned there would be more products from the brand, two of which we have details for you today with another protein powder in 100% Whey and another amino in Energized Amino.

Compared to Unbreakable Performance’s other protein powder Whey Isolate, 100% Whey features a blend of protein sources with whey concentrate and isolate, providing 25g of protein per serving. Its other macros aren’t as lean as Whey Isolate with 6g of carbohydrates, 2g of sugar, no added sugar, 1.5g of fat, and a calorie count of 140.

unbreakable performance energized amino

As for Unbreakable Performance’s other and third overall amino supplement, Energized Amino, it is precisely what it suggests in its name; an energizing amino. It brings together all nine EAAs at a combined 8g per serving, with half of those BCAAs, plus 800mg of tyrosine to support focus, 80mg of Suntheanine branded theanine, and 80mg of natural caffeine.

Neither Unbreakable Performance’s 100% Whey nor Energized Amino appear to be available for purchase through GNC’s website just yet, alongside its other five products. We have to imagine they’re coming soon, however, especially with their details now out there and the GNC and Jay Glazer brand being so new to the market.