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Newcomer Vayu launches a well-priced and premium whey isolate protein

vayu final protein

Newcomer Of The Year nominee Vayu hit the market earlier this year with four supplements, including the protein powder 2C+. It is a relatively straightforward, blend style product providing 23g of protein per serving from whey concentrate and calcium caseinate. The brand has now come out with a second protein powder that’s more on the premium side, introducing Final Protein.

Vayu’s Final Protein is a high-quality whey isolate-powered supplement that relies on two branded and patented forms of protein. Each serving comes with 24.8g of protein from Isolac cross-flow micro-filtrated whey isolate and Optipep hydrolyzed whey isolate. The rest of the product’s macros are very lean, with only half a gram of carbohydrates, 300mg of fat, and 104 calories.

To top it off and make Final Protein that little bit more premium, Vayu has thrown in the enzyme bromelain to improve and support digestion. Basically, compared to the German brand’s first protein powder 2C+, Final Protein is indeed a more high-end supplement, formulated with fast-absorbing sources of protein, a lean nutrition profile, and enzymes for even better digestion.

You can already purchase Vayu Final Protein directly from the brand through its own online store that’s finally live at The protein powder is actually priced quite competitively, especially considering its inclusion of Isolac and Optipep at €29 (35.10 USD) for a 1.76lb tub with 26 servings. There are also three flavors to choose from in Vanilla, Cranberry, and Lemon.