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Viterna shares details on one of the two protein powders it has coming soon

viterna premium whey isolate

Swedish supplement company Viterna is releasing two all-new protein powders in the coming weeks, one of which is a premium, whey isolate-based product, obviously titled, ‘Premium Whey Isolate’. The supplement is going to feature a typically lean nutrition profile for an isolate formula led by 24 to 25g of protein, with 1.2g or less each of fat and carbohydrates, and 108 to 125 calories.

Viterna’s Premium Whey Isolate will have a full selection of flavors right out of the gate, with four to choose from in the traditional tastes Chocolate and Vanilla, and the not-so-traditional Strawberry and Strawberry Mango. Once again, the brand plans on dropping the product in the lead up to Christmas alongside another protein powder with details on that coming later this week.