Amino Vibe Review: Starts sweet but finishes with a bitter aftertaste

Jan 19th, 2021

Amino Vibe is Nano Supps entry into the growing energy drink market, featuring the blend of ingredients that is extremely common in Europe with caffeine for energy, aminos, and vitamins. Amino Vibe’s amount of caffeine is reasonable for any time, on-the-go energy at 105mg per can, alongside 3g of vegan-friendly EAAs and a handful of b vitamins.

Another prominent feature of Nano Supps Amino Vibe is it’s guilt-free, featuring no sugar and an impressively low amount of calories at 13. The European brand introduced its first-ever beverage in two flavors, Pink Berry and Tropical Mango, which are the two we have to review today, but has since launched two more in Super Pear and Cucumber Lime.


When it comes to energy drinks from European brands, they typically go one of two ways. The product either tastes really good with sweet and smooth flavors or disappoints with a chalky, bitter aftertaste. Nano Supps’ Amino Vibe walks right down the middle, having features from both sides, as it does indeed have a great level of sweetness, however it doesn’t finish well.

On the first sip of the amino infused energy drink, you’re hit with a strong sweet flavor, regardless of whether it’s Pink Berry or Tropical Mango. They both make their title tastes known and obvious. The Pink Berry Amino Vibe has a light but distinctive berry flavor, while Tropical Mango gives you that classic tropical taste with a hint of mango.

nano supps amino vibe review

After that initial sip, within about a few seconds, the taste quickly turns tart and tangy, which is the upsetting side we were talking about. We have had worse, although it’s still off-putting enough to go back to your refrigerator and grab something else. It also leaves a grittiness in your teeth that hangs around with the aftertaste and constantly reminds you of the experience.


Like a lot of categories, energy drinks have become incredibly competitive over the past few years, with some truly amazing products coming to market and raising the bar for flavor. Nano Supps’ Amino Vibe is not on par with the impressive energy drinks we’ve seen, with plenty of room for improvement, mostly in the consistency of the flavor and disappointing aftertaste.

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