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Promising Ritual Reborn looks to be finally nearing its long-awaited release

ritual reborn

At last year’s Stack3d Expo in August, ANS Performance came out and teased an all-new supplement that long time fans, including us, couldn’t help but be excited about. The brand hinted at the return of its original hit product, the packed out pre-workout Ritual, although it referred to the mysterious supplement as Ritual Reborn, suggesting it has a fresh new formula.

The first Ritual was the product that put ANS Performance on the map, being one of the earliest fully dosed pre-workouts, which rightfully earned it the number one spot on our list of top five pre-workouts at the time. The idea of the supplement returning to the modern market with a fresh new look and formula is as mentioned, exciting, and now we have a follow-up teaser.

ANS Performance’s latest hype for Ritual Reborn, if that is what it’s called, says ‘legacy is reborn’, and has a much more blacked-out tub hidden away in the background. The teaser doesn’t give us any new information about the product, although being that it’s come five months after that first one, we have to imagine it means Ritual Reborn is finally nearing release.