Valentine’s Day inspired flavor up next for the Bang energy drink

Jan 7th, 2021
valentines day bang

A few months ago, in October, we spotted an all-new flavor of the popular Bang Energy drink in the background of a performance, colored red and pink. Since then, nothing more had been seen or mentioned about the product until today, as Bang has now come out and started another guessing campaign based around the colorful red and pink flavor of Bang Energy.

The upcoming addition to the Bang lineup is actually themed-around Valentine’s Day, featuring a pattern of tiny love hearts behind its large ‘B’ Bang logo. The connection to Valentine’s Day and love are the only real clues and theme we have to go off for the next flavor of the Bang Energy drink, which is obviously not a lot and doesn’t leave us with any confident guesses.

Bang has shown many times before that it can indeed come up with some incredibly creative flavors such as Birthday Cake Bash, Rainbow Unicorn, Candy Crisp Apple, and most recently, Key Lime Pie. With that in mind, the Valentine’s Day-inspired Bang Energy drink will likely be another creative effort, which as per usual, you can now pre-order before the reveal at

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