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Recently released Burn MF gets a flavored version without Morosil and OptiNOS

beyond raw burn mf powder

In December of last year, Beyond Raw Labs introduced its stimulant-based weight loss supplement Burn MF, packed with a unique blend of ingredients, including premium features OptiNOS, Capsimax, and Morosil. This week, only a month after the arrival of Burn MF, the GNC-exclusive brand, has released another version of the product for a different type of experience.

Beyond Raw has put together a powder spin-off of Burn MF that comes in only one flavor at the moment in Orange Mango. In terms of ingredients and dosages, the Burn MF powder keeps almost everything the same with three key differences. The flavored version does not have Morosil red orange extract or the pump blend OptiNOS, and it has twice the Suntheanine at 200mg.

beyond raw burn mf powder

Outside of those three changes mentioned, everything else in the capsule Burn MF is in the Burn MF powder, with the likes of 25mg of Dynamine, 320mg of Synapsa bacopa, and 300mg of caffeine from two sources. The fat burning supplement is available now from GNC, although while it is slightly cheaper than the capsules, it doesn’t have the same amount of servings.

Beyond Raw’s Orange Mango-flavored Burn MF is $39.99, $10 less than the capsules at $49.99. However, there are only 14 servings in the new product, versus 30 in the original. Each of those servings is also conveniently packaged into a stick pack to take with you on the go and enjoy wherever and whenever.