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Health and wellness theme continues with Big Zone’s first launch for the year

big zone omega 3 fury

German brand Big Zone expanded its selection of supplements quite a bit in 2020 and relatively spaced out, introducing several new products throughout the year. One of the trends we noticed with the brand and its releases was a lot of them were health and wellness orientated, such as Kidney+, Joint Protect, Heart Protect, and Citrus Bergamot for cholesterol health.

To start the new year, Big Zone is carrying on that theme we picked up on, with the launch of an all-new supplement named Omega 3 Fury. It is indeed an omega-3-based product, providing typical omega-3 benefits such as improved blood flow and cardiovascular health. Big Zone has, however, put a premium twist on Omega 3 Fury and formulated it with more absorbable triglyceride fish oil.

Big Zone has packed 150 softgels into a bottle of Omega 3 Fury, each providing 375mg of omega-3 fatty acids, broken up into 250mg of EPA and 125mg of DHA. With that superior, premium, triglyceride fish oil, does come a premium price, as the likes of the German retailer Gigas Nutrition is stocking Omega 3 Fury at €34.20 (41.96 USD), far from your average fish oil supplement.

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