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Big Zone gets back to organ support supplements with its all-new Heart Protect

big zone heart protect

Hardcore brand Big Zone, has focused more on complex and uncommon bodybuilding type supplements since it appeared on our radar, putting together products for digestion, general health, kidney support, and joints. The German brand also just dropped Dice Tea, a low calorie iced tea product, and now it’s back to its more traditional ways with the all-new Heart Protect.

Big Zone’s Heart Protect is another organ health supplement formulated to support general and overall heart health. The brand has packed it with a handful of main ingredients, including coQ10 at 150mg per full serving, 800mg of garlic extract, and a gram of arjuna powder. The price on Heart Protect is around the same as Big Zone’s Joint Protect and Kidney+ at €35.92 (42.50 USD).

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