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Bodylab combines dates, oats and nuts for its wholesome new snack

bodylab honestly raw

Honestly Raw is the latest functional food item from the creative and consistent Danish brand Bodylab, which is indeed a completely natural, raw healthy product. It is a wholefood-based snack made with a simple and clean set of ingredients, including dates, oatmeal, and, depending on the flavor, hazelnuts and cocoa, or coconut and cashews.

Bodylab’s Honestly Raw is a grainy, oaty, wholesome snack, as you can see in the images, with the simple blend of ingredients suggesting it’ll have a smooth, crumbly texture. The product’s macros are about what you’d expect, with oatmeal being a main feature, in 4.2g of protein, 26g of carbohydrates, 11g of sugar, 5.3g of fat, and 179 calories.

Bodylab has released Honestly Raw in two flavors to start with Cocoa and Hazelnuts, and Coconut and Cashews, both available through the brand’s website at 119 DKK (19.32 USD) for a box of 12 or 115 DKK (18.67 USD) each when buying two or more.