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Chocolate-covered marshmallow-like Built Puffs is getting a full release

built bar puffs

To start the New Year, Built Brands released an all-new product with Built Puffs, a soft, smooth, and sweet, marshmallow-like treat packed full of protein and low in calories. The product was originally only available as a freebie with 18-bar boxes of the brand’s signature Built Bar, and only in a smaller snack size in the one Vanilla Marshmallow flavor option.

A few weeks on from that freebie launch of Built Puffs, Built Brands is getting ready to give the product a complete, public release. The chocolate-covered marshmallow snack is coming in a full size this time around, packing 16g of protein per bar with only 6g of sugar, and 130 calories. Also, while the Built Bites Puffs had one flavor to choose from, the follow-up is going to have three tasty creations on its menu.

Built Brands is launching its Built Puffs next week in Coconut Marshmallow and Strawberry Marshmallow flavors, and of course, the original Vanilla Marshmallow. The product is going to be available first through the brand’s online store, and if it’s like most of its new items, it’ll be introduced with some sort of promotion involving a deal or strong discount.