Celsius brings back its Winter Edition from 2019 and makes it permanent

3 days ago
celsius frozen berry

Since 2018, the Swedish side of the beverage brand Celsius has dropped a special edition flavor for its flagship energy drink each year, around September and October. The first one was Ginger Ale, then 2019 brought Frozen Berry, and last year we got Blueberry Frost. The brand has now decided to not only bring back one of those past special editions but make it an ongoing product.

Due to demand, the Frozen Berry Celsius energy drink from 2019 has become a permanent part of the brand’s lineup. Basically, the refreshing, berry-themed flavor is back and here to stay, and featuring the same ingredients and taste that made the original so popular. The product comes with a variety of vitamins and minerals, zero sugar, and a reliable 200mg of caffeine per can for energy.

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