Chemical Warfare starts the New Year previewing an all-new carb formula

Jan 6th, 2021
chemical warfare commander

Despite being quite new to the market and considering everything that went on in 2020, Chemical Warfare still managed to have a strong performance last year, coming through with a lot of exciting releases. It completely rebranded its lineup, which brought several reformulations, and it introduced two extensive new series with the Essentials and Optimal Performance Ranges.

As we get rolling into 2021 this week, Chemical Warfare is showing no signs of slowing down and shared its first product preview for the New Year. The preview features an all-new complex carbohydrate supplement named ‘Commander’, providing 31g of carbohydrates per serving from premium sources such as Cluster Dextrin HBCD, Vitargo, Palatinose, and AstraGin to improve absorption.

Chemical Warfare has revealed Commander in two fruity flavors, neither of which is unflavored to make it easier to stack, with the pair of options being Strawberry Watermelon and Sour Cherry. As for the launch timeframe of the product, the UK-based brand has not mentioned anything in that area, only saying that it’s due to release soon with the usual 30 servings per tub.