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Peach Vanilla comes to Chiefs’ Protein Pudding but only for a limited time

chiefs peach vanilla protein pudding

Swiss functional food brand Chiefs, which has a great selection of healthy and high-protein snacks, including a delicious and milky protein RTD, has a new flavor this week for one of those convenient products. Chiefs has revealed and released another tasty option for its protein-packed, dessert-themed Protein Pudding with no added sugar and a lean nutrition profile.

The flavor Chiefs has put together for its Protein Pudding is a two-part taste with Peach Vanilla, packing 20g of protein per 200g pot, 9.2g of carbohydrates with all of that sugar, just 3g of fat, and 144 calories. Another important detail for Chief’s Peach Vanilla Protein Pudding is it’s not like Pudding’s other options and is only going to be available for a limited time.

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