Newcomer EgoDeath hits the market internationally with its pre-workout GodShot

Jan 13th, 2021
egodeath supplements godshot

GodShot is the first supplement from the all-new hardcore brand EgoDeath, and it is currently rolling out internationally to retailers in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Being the first product from EgoDeath, GodShot is, of course, a stimulant-powered pre-workout, featuring ingredients for a balanced experience involving more than just energy.

The supplement looks to deliver increased energy, enhanced mental focus, and improved muscle pumps, with a handful of ingredients backing up each of those benefits. On the pump side, EgoDeath has packed GodShot with a reasonable 4g of pure citrulline in its maximum, single-scoop serving, along with 600mg of Vaso6.

egodeath supplements godshot

The rest of the ingredients in EgoDeath’s pre-workout are all for energy and focus, and there are still quite a few outside of the citrulline and Vaso6. You can see GodShot’s complete and fully transparent formula in the image above, including highlights such as 250mg of eria jarensis, a gram of choline bitartrate, huperzine a, and a solid 375mg of caffeine.

EgoDeath’s GodShot is available to order through its Australian online store at $69.95 (54.24 USD) for a tub of 30 full servings, with global shipping available at a flat $20 (15.51 USD). The brand does list two flavors for the stimulant pre-workout in Silver Haze and Fractal Punch, although only the latter is in stock and available at the moment.