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Finaflex turns its hit Oatmeal Protein Pie into a vegan protein powder

finaflex oatmeal protein pie protein powder

Finaflex’s Oatmeal Protein Pie was one of the most unique protein snacks we had seen in a while when it first came to market a few years ago. It is a soft and delicious spin on a traditional oatmeal cookie pie featuring two crumbly oat-based cookies with a sweet and protein-packed cream between them. Over the years, the product has also grown to a tasty total of seven different flavors.

In 2021 Finaflex is taking its hit functional food product and turning it into a protein powder. The all-new supplement goes by the same name as the original pie in Oatmeal Protein Pie and has oatmeal as one of its main ingredients. Each of its 20 servings per tub comes with 15g of protein, a relatively high amount of carbohydrates leading to 170 calories with natural colors, flavors, and sweeteners.

Finaflex’s Oatmeal Protein Pie protein powder is entirely plant-based and vegan-friendly, and launching in the same flavor as the edible Oatmeal Protein Pie debuted in with a sweet Marshmallow. While the supplement has just one option on the menu to start, we imagine it’ll go the same route as the original protein snack, with the brand expanding to more if it proves popular with fans.