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Five flavors confirmed for The Rock’s upcoming ZOA energy drink

zoa energy drink

Yesterday, The Rock came out and announced his long-awaited energy drink, which has been in development for a year and a half, introducing the healthy warrior energy beverage, ZOA. The product brings together a variety of ingredients, including vitamins, superfoods, choline, a small amount of the three BCAAs, and a reliable 160mg of natural caffeine for energy.

The one thing we didn’t have details on in our original post for The Rock’s ZOA energy drink was what are the five flavors it’s due to launch in. We previously only had the name of one, which is the least descriptive of the lot in ‘Original’. A day later, we can confirm the healthy, positive, energy beverage’s complete selection of flavors, and there will be a nice variety choose from.

The five flavors the ZOA energy drink is due to release in are a classic Lemon Lime, refreshing Super Berry, citrusy Wild Orange, a unique Pineapple Coconut, and Original. The product is on track to be out on the market and available for purchase sometime in March, with details on precisely where you’ll be able to grab it expected to be shared closer to its arrival.

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