Glaxon improves its already simple and effective thermogenic Thermal

Jan 29th, 2021
glaxon thermal v2

In its continued effort to revamp its entire lineup of supplements with fresh new formulas, flavors, branding, and more, Glaxon has relaunched another refreshed product with Thermal V2. The original Thermal is quite a convenient and effective supplement, delivering on two fronts very well with noticeably enhanced thermogenesis and a mild boost in mental focus.

For Thermal V2, Glaxon has kept everything pretty much the same, with only a couple of changes on the formula side. The hybrid thermogenic product still features 675mg of VitaCholine for increased focus, and the two premium and proven weight loss ingredients, Mitoburn at a solid half a gram per serving and InnoSlim at 250mg.

glaxon thermal v2

Where the changes come in is Glaxon has switched the form of carnitine in Thermal V2, going from 1.1g of carnitine tartrate to the same amount of carnitine fumarate. The brand has also added another premium feature with 30mg of GBBGo, which is a reliable sweat enhancing ingredient and should be an interesting addition since Thermal was already impressive in that area.

Another awesome change in Thermal V2 is the sequel is slightly cheaper at $39.99 despite Glaxon only improving the thermogenic supplement, and it’s kept its amount of servings the same at 21. You can purchase the product starting today from the brand’s online store and in the same two flavors as its predecessor had in Kiwi Cooler and the sweet Mandarina Sol.