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Refreshing ISO Jym gets its first new flavor since launch in Green Apple Gummy

green apple gummy iso jym

In the lead up to the 2020 Protein Wars, which it went on to win, Jim Stoppani’s reputable brand Jym released another protein powder with a trending twist. The supplement company launched ISO Jym, a premium, whey isolate-based product providing 20g of protein per serving, 1 to 2g of carbohydrates, no sugar or fat, and an impressively lean 90 calories.

Another interesting detail about Jim Stoppani’s ISO Jym is that unlike most protein powders, Jym released it in refreshing, fruity flavors, instead of the more traditional chocolate and vanilla. Just over two months on from the initial arrival of ISO Jym, Stoppani and his brand have added another option to join the originals, Mango Lime and Grape.

Jim Stoppani’s premium whey isolate-based, and lean ISO Jym, is now available in a fruity and potentially candy-themed flavor in Green Apple Gummy. Currently, we can only see Jym’s new Green Apple Gummy ISO Jym at GNC, where it’s $32.99 for a tub of 20 servings, with no sign of it in the brand’s own online store or its retail partner