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GymBeam releases a Palatinose and amino-powered energy gel

gymbeam recharge

Energy gels are nothing new, although they’re not all that common from major supplement companies that produce mainstream category items like pre-workouts, protein powders, and fat burners. The retailer and brand GymBeam has actually come out with an energy gel this week, although that does make sense as its line of products extends far beyond the majority of others.

GymBeam Recharge is the brand’s latest creation; a Blackberry or Green Apple-flavored gel made with Palatinose isomaltulose to provide a solid 28g of carbohydrates per on-the-go squeeze pack. The brand has also thrown in a handful of amino acids to support muscle recovery, including half a gram each of taurine and glycine, and the three BCAAs combined for a light 500mg.

The new Recharge energy gel from GymBeam is available this month through the retailer and brand’s online store at a reasonable €1.55 (1.88 USD) per pack, and while there is a box of 16 available, the price per pack works out to the same.