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HealthyCo’s latest bar is a sugar free snack that’s vegan but not high in protein

healthyco wafer bar

Functional food company HealthyCo out of Sweden, has introduced another bar format product this month, separate from its already available Proteinella protein bar. The brand’s latest effort is a wafer style snack called the HealthyCo Wafer Bar, and the big difference with this one compared to its other bar is it’s plant-based and vegan-friendly.

A few other key features of HealthyCo’s all-new product is it has no palm oil and it’s sugar-free, although it’s not high in protein. The Wafer Bar is more of a no sugar, low-calorie alternative to your traditional sugar-loaded candy bar. We don’t know its exact macros but confirm 50g of it has 1.5g of protein, 17.5g of fat, 26.5g of carbohydrates, and a hefty 255 calories.

HealthyCo’s Wafer Bar is set to hit stores soon in just two flavors, the amount as its dairy-based Proteinella protein bar with a classic and common Chocolate, and something not-so-common in Lemon.

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