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HR Labs reveals the full formula behind its pump capsule product Ride On

hr labs ride on

Pre-workout is a window most of HR Labs products are built around with its high-stimulant Riot Act, original well-rounded pre-workout Defib, the daily performance supplement Basic, and the stimulant-free product Level Up. The UK-based brand is now planning to come out with yet another pre-workout type formula that is indeed separate from its many others.

Ride On is the next new supplement from HR Labs, and it is a stimulant-free formula created to improve blood flow and enhance muscle pumps. While that is an area some of its other products touch on, Ride On will be the brand’s first supplement dedicated entirely to it. Of course, coming from HR Labs and knowing its lineup, it’s no surprise Ride On will have a loaded formula.

HR Labs is packing each full serving of the product with a gram each of pomegranate and Vaso6, 300mg of Blackvcube branded black ginger, and a hefty 2.1g of Lepidamax gelatinized maca root. The brand has also combined all of that with a couple of premium absorption enhancing ingredients in AstraGin at a solid 50mg and BioPerine black pepper at 10mg.

The current launch timeframe for HR Labs Ride On is sometime near the end of this quarter, which should see it become available in the last week or two of March. It is indeed a capsule supplement, so you won’t need to worry about mixing flavors with other products, and it will have the usual 30 days supply per bottle.