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Jym confirms a plant protein powder and protein bar are up next

jym plant protein powder and protein bar

Last year we got three all-new supplements from Jim Stoppani’s brand Jym Supplement Science. There was the more advanced fat burner Jym SS8, introduced at GNC, the straightforward Jym BCAAs, and fruity whey isolate formula ISO Jym. While those were all exciting products in their own right, we’ve got confirmation of the brand’s next all-new items, and they should both be quite interesting.

Jim Stoppani’s Jym Supplement Science has revealed that coming very soon are two entirely new protein products. One is another protein powder, and unlike its original Pro Jym, Mass Jym, and the recently released ISO Jym, it is vegan-friendly. It will be a plant-based supplement with added aminos to make its balance of EAAs more beneficial, something we’ve seen a few other brands do.

The other product Jim Stoppani and Jym have coming down the pipeline is an edible item, with the first-ever Jym Protein Bar. All we know about the bar is it’s been in the works for about a year and a half and promises to be unlike any other bar out there. Even with that uniqueness, the protein bar still intends to provide a balanced nutrition profile that keeps things lean and still high in protein.

Both the Jym vegan-friendly protein powder and intriguing protein bar were confirmed in our latest podcast interview, where we sat down with the president and co-founder of the brand, Mike McErlane. The full episode is online now through all of the major podcast platforms, including Spotify, Google Podcasts, and iTunes.