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Creaming soda flavor called Mamba Juice coming soon to DVST8 BBD

mamba juice dvst8 bbd

DVST8 BBD is a version of Inspired’s popular, respected, and powerful DVST8 pre-workout family currently only available for purchase to fans in Australia and New Zealand. Exclusives for that part of the world are not uncommon from the Brand Of The Year for 2019; it also has different flavors of Inspired Greens down under and, soon, the Inspired Custard protein powder.

This week, Inspired has announced another flavor for its Australia and New Zealand exclusive DVST8 BBD, similar to the strawberry watermelon concoction Malibu Breeze from a few months ago. The upcoming option for DVST8 BBD is named Mamba Juice, which features an eye-catching purple and yellow color scheme, very different from the pre-workout’s usual silver and black.

The name of the upcoming DVST8 BBD flavor obviously doesn’t tell you much about what it tastes like, although Inspired has provided a description, saying it’s creaming soda. Retailers in Australia and New Zealand will be getting the flavor sometime soon, and it is a limited edition launch, so it’s not going to be around for good.

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