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High-protein casein-based Custard coming to Australia in six tasty flavors

inspired custard protein

Inspired Nutraceuticals already has one supplement available in Australia and New Zealand that you can’t get in the US, with its special edition version of the DVST8 pre-workout in DVST8 BBD. The 2019 Brand Of The Year Winner has now announced another product exclusive to down under, and it looks delicious with the casein-based, Inspired Custard Protein.

It is a protein powder that can be made as a traditional protein shake or concentrated down into a thick and flavorful, custard-like protein treat. As mentioned, it is made with slow-digesting casein as well as MCT oil as a healthy source of fats. Inspired Custard Protein has also been announced in a large selection of flavors, twice as much as Protein+ in the US.

Inspired is looking to launch Custard Protein in Australia and New Zealand sometime next month with six flavors to choose from, including Chocolate Donut, Vanilla Cream, and Chocolate Hazelnut. It’s certainly an interesting angle on protein powder, although not too surprising, as the brand has become known for its alternative takes on major categories.