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Smaller Maximuscle protein bar almost doubles the size of its menu

maximuscle caramel millionaires protein bar

Maximuscle has put together two new flavors for its smaller, 45g protein bar, not to be confused with its larger 55g product packing 20g of protein, whereas the smaller one has 25% less at 15g. The protein snack previously had three tastes to choose from, most of which were not your common flavors with New York Cheesecake, Salted Caramel, and a classic Cookies and Cream.

The two new options for the lighter Maximuscle protein bar are more in line with New York Cheesecake and Salted Caramel, being not so common flavors in Cinnamon Swirl and Caramel Millionaires. They feature a similar nutrition profile to the others, including the highlighted 15g of protein, alongside an equal 15g of carbohydrates, less than 2g of sugar, 6g of fat, and 175 calories.

Maximuscle’s new Cinnamon Swirl and Caramel Millionaires 45g protein bars are available starting this week through its website at £20 (27.17 USD) for a box of a dozen bars.

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