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Mango and kiwi flavors on the way for Monster’s Super Sport beverage

monster hydro super sport macho mango and killer kiwi

Around this time last year, an all-new beverage was announced by Monster in a spin-off of its hydration product Monster Hydro with Monster Hydro Super Sport. The difference between the two is Super Sport has slightly more caffeine at a solid 200mg per bottle and a gram of BCAAs, as well as a blend of electrolytes and the b vitamins, b3 and b6.

Monster launched Monster Hydro Super Sport in two flavors, Blue Streak and Red Dawg, and now it’s back, one year later, with news of another two flavors coming soon to the product. The tastes set to double the size of Super Sport’s menu are mango and kiwi-based, officially titled Macho Mango and Killer Kiwi, and they feature colors to match their flavors.

Unlike the exciting new Monster Ultra Gold we posted about yesterday, which is releasing shortly, we don’t know yet when Macho Mango and Killer Kiwi Hydro Super Sport will roll out to shelves.