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Naughty Boy puts long-lasting enXtra into its third spin-off of SickPump

naughty boy sickpump nitro

Since the introduction of the original SickPump, Naughty Boy has expanded the supplement quite a bit with more flavors and two spin-offs in SickPump Synergy and SickPump Thermo. To start 2021, our International Brand Of The Year winner has unveiled yet another SickPump spin-off with the capsule formula SickPump Nitro.

Just like the first SickPump, SickPump Synergy, and SickPump Thermo, the all-new and upcoming SickPump Nitro separates itself from the others by featuring a different combination of ingredients. As mentioned, the supplement also comes in capsule form, as opposed to flavored powder, and the goal is still to enhance muscle pumps with some features in this one also supporting long-lasting energy, but no caffeine.

naughty boy sickpump nitro

We’ve added the facts panel for Naughty Boy’s SickPump Nitro above, powered by a combination of common and not-so-common pump supporting ingredients squeezed into a six capsule serving. There is a full 1.5g of Nitrosigine, half a gram of pine bark, 20mg of n-hydroxy-nor-l-arginine, a gram of pomegranate, and interestingly, the exciting and still relatively new stimulant, enXtra at a solid 300mg.

Naughty Boy has only unveiled the formula behind SickPump Nitro for now, with the supplement set to join the family of SickPump, Synergy, and Thermo a little later. The UK-based lifestyle brand is currently looking to have the product in all of its usual distributors and retailers sometime next month, meaning it’s anywhere from four to eight weeks away.