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Newcomer Naughty Boy takes home International Brand Of The Year

naughty boy international brand of the year

The winner of our International Brand Of The Year award for 2020 is the UK supplement company Naughty Boy, who did everything we look for in our Brand Of The Year awards. Naughty Boy was incredibly consistent throughout the year, teasing, revealing, and releasing several new products or already available supplements with special edition flavors or spin-offs.

In terms of how much Naughty Boy managed to squeeze into the year, it rivals a lot of popular US brands. It’s easy to forget the company only came into the year with one product, and that was the pre-workout Menace. It has since expanded into weight loss with The Drip, and pump pre-workout with SickPump, plus its spin-offs SickPump Synergy and SickPump Thermo.

Naughty Boy also took on the nootropic market this year with WiseGuy, it is getting into health and wellness next month with Bran-New, and it gave fans the all-in-one, daily performance and muscle builder ‘Power’. This is all outside of the many flavors the brand dropped, including the exclusives and special edition efforts, and its basic, three-piece, Naughty Rawz series.

As mentioned, Naughty Boy had an impressive year to say the least, but most of it all, it was incredibly consistent, which is not something you often see in newer brands. It kept things interesting from start to finish, slowly dropping supplements and keeping everyone on their toes, not knowing what surprise it had in store next or what different design it had come up with.

We can’t help but look forward to 2021 for Naughty Boy, who is still a very new brand, at a year old, so this coming year is going to be an important one. It’s not easy continuing the efficiency or output of the first year but we have high hopes for Naughty Boy, and are really interested to see what categories it takes on next now it has most of the mainstream ones covered.

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