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Switch improves its already top-tasting vegan-friendly Protein Switch

new and improved protein switch

Switch Nutrition’s Protein Switch is still one of the best tasting plant-based protein powders on the market, only second behind Ghost’s original hit supplement, Ghost Vegan. Protein Switch surprises with a smooth consistency, strong sweetness, and overall great flavor, all while still being completely natural without any artificial flavors or sweeteners.

The Australian supplement company has now overhauled Protein Switch with several changes, all for the better. Firstly, Switch Nutrition has introduced a trial size of Protein Switch, packing ten servings, which is more than enough to enjoy the product. Next, the brand has added premium Digezyme enzymes to support and improve digestion.

Switch Nutrition has increased the value of Protein Switch as well, increasing the number of servings in its full size with 30 instead of 25, and lowered its price from $74.95 to $69.95 (54.37 USD). In saying that, the amount of protein you get per serving has decreased a bit, dropping to 22g per serving instead of 24g, and the muscle protein synthesis enhancer Velositol is no longer in the supplement.

new and improved protein switch

Another significant area Switch Nutrition has tweaked for Protein Switch is taste and texture. The brand promises improvements on both fronts, with better flavor and smoother texture, which is interesting. As mentioned, Protein Switch is already one of the best tasting plant protein powders out there, so we’re definitely going to have to try this one first hand.

You can purchase Switch Nutrition’s improved Protein Switch from its website in all three of its original flavors, Peanut Butter Toffee, Vanilla Bean, and Chocolate Sea Salt, in 30 and 10 serving sizes. Lastly, an addition to the vegan-friendly protein powder’s menu has come alongside the revamp with Chocolate Mint, also available in 30 and 10 serving tubs.