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Nutrend’s N1 pre-workout now comes in a can with a slightly lighter formula

nutrend n1 drink

Last year we saw the popular European brand Nutrend, turn its weight loss shot Fat Direct into a large, carbonated beverage, featuring all of the same ingredients from a gram of beta-alanine to 100mg of caffeine. The brand from the Czech Republic has also done the same thing to its pre-workout supplement N1, although it has a different formula compared to the original N1 powder and shot.

The ingredients Nutrend has packed into its N1 drink are most similar to the N1 shot; in fact, all of the ingredients from the carbonated beverage are in the shot with slightly different dosages. Each 330ml can of the on-the-go product packs 1.25g of beta-alanine, a gram of taurine, 2g of arginine, half a gram of glucuronolactone, 200mg of choline, and a reliable 180mgm of caffeine for energy.

Like a lot of sports performance beverages these days, Nutrend has made the N1 drink guilt-free, featuring zero sugar, carbohydrates, and fat, with only 26 calories. The carbonated pre-workout drink is available now in Nutrend’s home country of the Czech Republic in one flavor that doesn’t come with any sort of description.