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Hybrid EAA Energy from Optimum coming soon with 10g of EAAs per serve

optimum nutrition eaa energy

EAA Energy is another all-new supplement from Optimum Nutrition coming soon to the UK and Europe, on top of the new functional snack we posted about yesterday in the Fruit and Nut Protein Crisp. True to its name, Optimum Nutrition’s EAA Energy is an amino product featuring a full-spectrum of EAAs for muscle recovery and repair, and a touch of energy.

Optimum Nutrition has, in fact, packed a good amount of EAAs into EAA Energy, with all nine EAAs combining for a hefty 10g per serving, with a lot of that being BCAAs, at 8.4g. Alongside the full-spectrum of recovery supporting aminos, the legacy brand has a very light 356mg of beta-alanine, green tea, green coffee, and a reliable 100mg of caffeine for energy.

Optimum Nutrition’s EAA Energy is, as mentioned, true to its name, featuring a solid 10g of EAAs and caffeine for energy, with those few other ingredients thrown in between. The hybrid supplement is due to launch in the UK and Europe soon in the one 27 serving tub size with two flavors to choose from to start in Pear Drops and the cocktail-inspired Mojito.