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Up and coming Peak Performance Labs gets ready to release a muscle builder

peak performance muscle builder

Peak Performance Labs just came off the exciting pre-order launch of its packed-out pump pre-workout Nuclear Pump, loaded with highlights such as 8g of pure citrulline, pine bark, and 3g of GlycerSize glycerol. While that is due to ship in the first week of February, it turns out that’s not the only supplement the up and coming brand plans on dropping next month.

A teaser has surfaced today of another new product from Peak Performance Labs, although unlike Nuclear Pump, this is not a revamp but an entirely new supplement. To keep things exciting and fans guessing, the brand has not shared a whole lot of information. We have the blacked-out image above and confirmation the mystery product is some sort of muscle builder.

A few other details Peak Performance Labs has shared for its next big product release are that it’s coming in capsule form, features four main ingredients, two of which are premium, and has 28 servings a bottle. The brand has become known for its packed out formulas, so we’re certainly excited to see how Peak Performance handles the muscle building market.