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Perfect Sports makes big promises for its upcoming all-in-one pre-workout

perfect sports altrd state

Over the years, Perfect Sports has dropped a couple of different pre-workouts, including the well-rounded but not heavily dosed Go Time and the one it has on the market at the moment, iPrep. In just under one week, the Canadian brand is introducing the world to another pre-workout that it is boldly saying, “This will be the strongest pre-workout you’ve ever tried”.

We’ve heard many supplement companies make the claim they have put together the strongest pre-workout on the market, although only one or two have delivered. Perfect Sports is the latest to make the bold statement, although it hasn’t shared all that much about its product. All we know so far is it’s an all-in-one pre-workout, aiming to provide multiple benefits.

We do believe we can also read its name, as, despite Perfect Sports shadowing out its teaser, we can still see what appears to be the words ‘Altrd State’. We can’t make out any of the ingredient highlights or detailed callouts on the tub, but the brand certainly has our attention, mostly due to the ‘strongest pre-workout’ claim, as we’ve had a lot of different pre-workouts.

Once again, Perfect Sports is planning to officially introduce Altrd State, if that is what it’s called, in less than a week on the 21st of this month, which is Thursday of next week.