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Multivitamin VitaFreak appears to be getting a hybrid spin-off

pharmafreak vitafreak

VitaFreak is a pack-style multivitamin supplement from PharmaFreak, the brand known for its original, popular, and stimulant-based fat burner Ripped Freak. The widely available brand has now previewed an all-new version of the product that looks to carry on the reputation and intention of the first VitaFreak, but with some fresh new features.

PharmaFreak has shared a sneak peek or half-covered image of its upcoming VitaFreak, which firstly, appears to come in powder form, or at least based on its packaging it does. The other interesting feature of the multivitamin supplement is on the front of its tub; you can see the word ‘hybrid’, suggesting the product will be a combination of categories.

We have absolutely no idea what the second category PharmaFreak is bringing together in the new VitaFreak, but the first one we have to assume is multivitamin, like the original. The brand plans on dropping the intriguing supplement soon, and it will be the first PharmaFreak release for 2021 and first since the hybrid Anabolic Freak Pre-Workout.