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Stim-free SteelFit thermogenic starts the New Year with two new flavors

pipin pink grapefruit steel sweat

Steel Sweat is SteelFit’s stimulant-powered weight loss supplement, built to increase energy, fat oxidation, metabolism, and thermogenesis. It is a flavored formula that came to market about two and a half years ago, and since then, it’s been available in the same three flavors. Those options are Blazin’ Cherry Lemonade, Atomic Green Apple, and Spicy Strawberry Mango.

To help fans start the New Year strong and fuel any weight loss-focused New Year’s resolutions, SteelFit has brought attention back to Steel Sweat by way of two tasty new flavors. Number four and five for the energizing thermogenic supplement are both fruit-themed creations, packing 30 servings per tub with Pipin’ Pink Grapefruit and Spicy Strawberry Mango.

Alongside the launch of its Pipin’ Pink Grapefruit and Spicy Strawberry Mango Steel Sweats, SteelFit is running a New Year’s sale on its website, with a strong $21 for 2021 sale. The way the deal works is, the brand is discounting nine of its popular supplements to precisely $21, including Steel Sweat and its two new flavors, which would usually be $44.95 each.