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SNS promises at least one new supplement a week for the next three months

serious nutrition solutions 12 weeks

Just in time for the New Year, Serious Nutrition Solutions relaunched its loaded, stimulant-free weight loss product Lean Edge, featuring a new and improved formula. The brand paired the release with a strong New Year’s sale where you get 30% off everything on its website, including the already discounted twin and triple packs of the updated Lean Edge.

It turns out, as exciting and impressive as Serious Nutrition Solutions’ new Lean Edge is, it’s not done; in fact, it’s far from done. Over the next three months, or 12 weeks to be exact, the reputable brand plans on dropping one new supplement every week or potentially more. The list of upcoming releases is extremely extensive and includes all types of products.

Serious Nutrition Solutions has lined up several basic, single-ingredient supplements, revamps of already available products like Lean Edge, and more of what the brand is known for with new advanced formulas. It’s going to be an incredibly interesting next few months for the brand, and of course, we’ll be sharing all of the supplements as they’re introduced.

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