Ghost turns Sonic’s iconic Ocean Water into a flavor of Ghost Gamer

Jan 20th, 2021
sonic ocean water ghost gamer

To start the year, our well-deserved Brand Of The Year winner for 2020, Ghost, has confirmed it’s in the final stages of two flavors for its smooth energy and focus supplement built for gamers in Ghost Gamer. When the supplement originally arrived, it had three flavors on its menu, two of which were authentic collaborations, then shortly after, it got another collab in Swedish Fish.

The next two tastes coming to Ghost Gamer’s enjoyable and gradually growing menu are also authentic collaborations, in partnership with a company Ghost has teamed up with before. They are Sonic Cherry Limeade, already available for the brand’s pre-workout and amino, and an entirely new creation with Ghost transforming Sonic’s iconic Ocean Water into a Ghost Gamer flavor.

The original lifestyle supplement company looks to be rolling out both of its authentic Sonic flavors of Ghost Gamer soon, which will be a great continuation from its impressive performance in 2020. Cherry Limeade and Ocean Water will also be excellent additions to the Ghost Gamer menu, which, as mentioned, is mostly collaborations, with these two taking it to an overall total of six.