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Blue Sour Gummy dropping for BEAM’s pre-workout at the end of next week

sour blue gummy beam pre-workout

When BEAM came to market early last year, it hit the ground running with four supplements in a pre-workout, a basic collagen formula, and two protein powders, one whey-based and the other vegan-friendly. In the coming weeks, the still relatively new brand is looking to give back to one of those four originals in its stimulant-powered pre-workout.

The BEAM pre-workout is currently available in the same two flavors it launched with, in Watermelon Candy and Mango Lime, which at the end of next week on Friday, are being joined by the candy-themed Blue Sour Gummy. The brand’s website will be the place to get your hands on the pre-workout’s third flavor first, at $39.99 for a tub of 20 servings.

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